Bolsa De Valores De Rio De Janeiro (BVRJ)

Business / Finance / Bolsa De Valores De Rio De Janeiro (BVRJ): Brazil's second-largest stock exchange.

Onside Kick

Entertainment / Football / Onside Kick: A play in which the kicking team tries to recover the kicked ball. MORE

One-Decision Stock

Business / Finance / One-Decision Stock: A quality stock that is not actively traded, but rather held for its growth potential. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Ontario: Developed in 1908 at the N.Y. Research Station, it is now used sparingly as a white tablegrape because of its strong American labruscana flavor. It in turn was derived from the Winchell and Moore's Di MORE

Open (Good-Till-Cancelled) Order (GTC Order)

Business / Finance / Open (Good-Till-Cancelled) Order (GTC Order): Order to buy or sell a security that stays active until it is completed or the investor cancels it. MORE

Open Depending On The Floor

Business / Finance / Open Depending On The Floor: Used for listed equity securities. Having room for a customer buyer or seller contingent on the results of a trade being executed on the floor (i.e., satisfying the specialist book and the orders the MORE

One Shot Developer

Entertainment / Photography / One Shot Developer: Is a developer that is used on a single occasion and then discarded. MORE