Business / Finance / Bolt: Used for listed equity securities. Block trading version of COLT.

Other Words for Bolt

Bolt Verb Synonyms: spring, dart, shoot off, take flight, run (away or off), rush (off or away), break away, flee, decamp, abscond, escape, fly, dash (off or away), skedaddle, scram, scarper, do a bunk, do a moonlight flit, take a (run-out) powder
Bolt Noun Synonyms: arrow, dart, projectile, missile, Historical quarrel

Dead Bolt

Business / Construction / Dead Bolt: An exterior security lock installed on exterior entry doors that can be activated only with a key or thumb-turn. Unlike a latch, which has a beveled tongue, dead bolts have square ends. MORE

Bolt Circle

Technology / Rockets / Bolt Circle: A ring of bolts used to hold a closure in place. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / T-Bolt: Term for the bolts inserted in the T-slots of a worktable to fasten the workpiece or work-holding device to the table. MORE

Anchor Bolts

Business / Construction / Anchor Bolts: Bolts to secure a wooden sill plate to concrete , or masonry floor or wall. MORE

Boltzmann Equation

Science / Chemistry / Boltzmann Equation: A statistical definition of entropy, given by S = k ln W, where S and k are the entropy and Boltzmann's constant, respectively, and W is the probability of finding the system in a particular state. MORE

Boltzmann Constant

Science / Chemistry / Boltzmann Constant: A fundamental constant equal to the ideal gas law constant divided by Avogadro's number, equal to 1.3805 × 10-23 J K-1. MORE