Book Value

Business / Finance / Book Value: The value of an asset for accounting purposes. For assets where depreciation is taken or reserves booked, this is often expressed as a net book value. The book value of a company is the excess of assets over liabilities, which is equivalent to total owner's equity.

Other Words for Book

Book Verb Synonyms: engage, reserve, earmark, ticket, order, register, enrol, list, enlist, log, record, post
Book Noun Synonyms: volume, tome, work, publication, hard-cover, soft-cover, paperback

Standard and Poors-BARRA Growth And Value Indexes

Business / Taxes / Standard and Poors-BARRA Growth And Value Indexes: Some investors favor growth stocks while others favor value stocks. Since 1992, results of those investment styles, which tend to produce different returns over time, have been tracked separately by t MORE

Price-To-Book Ratio

Business / Taxes / Price-To-Book Ratio: Some financial analysts use price-to-book ratios to identify stocks they consider to be overvalued or undervalued. You figure this ratio by dividing a stock's market price per share by its book value MORE

Market-Book Ratio

Business / Finance / Market-Book Ratio: Market price of a share divided by book value per share. MORE


Business / Debt / Value: The worth or desirability of something expressed as an amount of money. MORE

Book Value Per Share

Business / Accounting / Book Value Per Share: A measure of net worth: computed by dividing stockholders' equity for each class of stock by the number of shares outstanding for that class. MORE

Price-Book Ratio

Business / Finance / Price-Book Ratio: Compares a stock's market value to the value of total assets less total liabilities (book value). Determined by dividing current stock price by common stockholder equity per share (book value), adjust MORE