Business / Finance / Bracket: A term signifying the extent of an underwriter's commitment in a new issue, e.g., major bracket or minor bracket.

Other Words for Bracket

Bracket Noun Synonyms: support, corbel, console
Bracket Verb Synonyms: classify, rank, group, unite, combine, join, link

Bulge Bracket

Business / Finance / Bulge Bracket: A tier of firms in an underwriting syndicate that have the highest participation level. See: Mezzanine bracket. MORE

Bracket Creep

Business / Finance / Bracket Creep: The gradual movement into higher tax brackets when incomes increase as a result of inflation. MORE

Tax Bracket

Business / Finance / Tax Bracket: Records kept by a firm's management that follow IRS rules. The books follow Financial Accounting Standards Board rules. MORE

Mezzanine Bracket

Business / Finance / Mezzanine Bracket: The members of an underwriting group with involvement large enough to be just below the top tier. MORE

Spacing Bracket

Entertainment / Photography / Spacing Bracket: Device used to position the camera at the right distance from the subject for the lens focus setting in closeup work. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Bracketing: Technique of shooting a number of pictures of the same subject and viewpoint at different levels of exposure. MORE