Business / Finance / Break: A rapid and sharp price decline. Related: Crash.

Other Words for Break

Break Verb Synonyms: break apart or up or asunder, fracture, rupture, break into bits, come apart, shatter, shiver, crack, crash, splinter, fragment, split, burst, explode, bust
Break Noun Synonyms: fracture, split, separation, rupture, breach, rift, schism

Contact Breaker

Technology / Motorcycle / Contact Breaker: The spring switch in the low-tension ignition circuit that controls the timing of the spark in the high-tension circuit. Operated by a cam, contact breakers are sometimes called points. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Breakaway: A fast break in which an attacker with the puck skates in alone on the goalie, having gotten past or clear of the defensemen, trapping the opponents behind the play. MORE

Breaker Panel

Business / Construction / Breaker Panel: The electrical box that distributes electric power entering the home to each branch circuit (each plug and switch) and composed of circuit breakers. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Mini-Break: To win a point from the opponent's serve in a tiebreak without losing points on your own serve. MORE

Broad Street Outbreak

Health / Disease / Broad Street Outbreak: (1854) The London Cholera outbreak investigated by John Snow that was the first epidemiological investigation. MORE

Breaking Pass

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Breaking Pass: A pass to a teammate who is trying for a breakaway. MORE