Breeden, Douglas T.

Business / Finance / Breeden, Douglas T.: Inventor of one of the foundational asset pricing models in finance, the consumption based capital asset pricing model. Chairman of Smith Breeden Associates.

St. Johns Neuromuscular Therapy

Health / Massage / St. Johns Neuromuscular Therapy: St. John’s neuromuscular therapy seeks out the cause of pain, focusing on creating a balance between the muscular and nervous systems. This bodywork focuses on five basic principles--biomechanics, i MORE

St. George

Life Style / Wine Grapes / St. George: (See Agiorgitiko above). MORE

St. Francis

Life Style / Wine Grapes / St. Francis: Has synonym name G-2496. Introduced in 1947 from the Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station, this complex American/Vinifera variety was derived from a Muench x Gros Guillaume cross. Described as havi MORE

St. Laurent

Life Style / Wine Grapes / St. Laurent: Has the synonym name Pinot St. Laurent. V.vinifera variety now shown (2002) by DNA analysis to be a Pinot cépage seedling. Grown in Austria and Canada the grape is robust and resists many diseases. E MORE

St. Pepin

Life Style / Wine Grapes / St. Pepin: Patented Elmer Swenson propagated variety claimed as cold hardy to -20 deg. F. (ca -29 C.). Is close American hybrid sibling to La Crosse variety. Suitable for making fruity white wine claimed to have MORE


Life Style / Wine / T.B.A.: An abbreviation for the German wine Trockenbeerenauslese. MORE