Broad Tape

Business / Finance / Broad Tape: An expanded version of the ticker tape, which is displayed on a screen in the board room of a brokerage firm and shows constantley updated financial information and news.

Other Words for Broad

Broad Noun Synonyms: woman, girl, dame, cookie or cooky, skirt, bimbo, bird, chick, number, doll, piece (of baggage)
Broad Adjective Synonyms: wide, expansive, large, extensive, spread out, ample, spacious

Other Words for Tape

Tape Verb Synonyms: (tape) recording, reel, spool, cassette, video
Tape Noun Synonyms: strip, band, fillet, stripe, strap, belt, ribbon

Morse Taper

Business / Machine Shop / Morse Taper: A self-holding standard taper largely used on small cutting tools such as drills, end mills and reamers and, on some machines, spindles in which these tools are used. MORE

Metal Tape Eq

Technology / Home Audio / Metal Tape Eq: An equalization circuit that compensates for the unique frequency response characteristics of metal tape. MORE

National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB)

Technology / Television (TV) / National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB): A non-profit organization supported by TV and radio broadcasters whose purpose is to demonstrate to legislative bodies and other interested parties that broadcasters can maintain adequate standards wi MORE

On The Tape

Business / Finance / On The Tape: Used in the context of general equities. (1) Trade printed on the ticker tape; (2) news displayed on Reuters or the Dow Jones News Service. MORE

Painting The Tape

Business / Finance / Painting The Tape: Illegal practice by traders who manipulate the market by buying and selling a security to create the illusion of high trading activity and to attract other traders who may push up the price. MORE

Masking Tape

Life Style / Painting / Masking Tape: A strip of paper or cloth similar to adhesive tape, which can be easily removed, used to temporarily cover areas that are not to be painted. MORE