Business / Finance / Bulge: A short-lived stock price increase. Synonymous with bubble.

Other Words for Bulge

Bulge Verb Synonyms: protrude, stick out, swell (out)
Bulge Noun Synonyms: lump, hump, protuberance, bump, swelling, projection

Horizontal Bulge

Entertainment / Golf / Horizontal Bulge: (also simply 'bulge') the curve of the face of a wood (across, from heel to toe) which helps shots hit toward the heel or toe curve back in the direction of the center MORE

Bulge Bracket

Business / Finance / Bulge Bracket: A tier of firms in an underwriting syndicate that have the highest participation level. See: Mezzanine bracket. MORE

Line Echo Wave Pattern (LEWP)

Science / Weather / Line Echo Wave Pattern (LEWP): A wave-shaped bulge in a line of thunderstorms. It may often be seen as a 'S'-shaped radar echo signature and is often associated with severe weather. MORE

Heart Rate

Health / Fitness / Heart Rate: The number of times your heart beats per minute. MORE

Hybrid Club

Entertainment / Golf / Hybrid Club: (also 'hybrid iron, hybrid wood') a club that combines playing characteristics of both woods and irons: one valid method for differentiating between hybrid irons and hybrid woods is whether the face i MORE