Business / Finance / Bull: An investor who thinks the market will rise. Related: Bear.

Bull CD

Business / Finance / Bull CD: A bull CD pays its holder a specified percentage of the increase in return on a specified market index while guaranteeing a minimum rate of return. MORE

Bullet Horn (Tweeter)

Technology / Home Audio / Bullet Horn (Tweeter): A type of tweeter in which the radiator has a large passive, bullet-shaped device above its center that extends the nominal dispersion angle of the sound, thus allowing it to cover a greater area with MORE


Business / Finance / Bullish: Words used to describe investor attitudes. Bullish refers to an optimistic outlook, while bearish means a pessimistic outlook. MORE

OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB)

Business / Taxes / OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB): During the trading day, the electronic OTC bulletin board (OTCBB) provides continuously updated real-time bid and ask prices, volume information, and last-sale prices. The OTC lists this information f MORE

Bull Spread

Business / Finance / Bull Spread: A spread strategy in which an investor buys an out-of-the-money put option, financing it by selling an out-of-the money call option on the same underlying security. MORE

Bull Market

Business / Finance / Bull Market: Any market in which prices are in an upward trend. MORE