Bull CD

Business / Finance / Bull CD: A bull CD pays its holder a specified percentage of the increase in return on a specified market index while guaranteeing a minimum rate of return.


Science / Spiders / Ecdysis: Moulting: the periodic casting off of the cuticle. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Ebulliometry: Determination of average molecular weight of a dissolved substance from the boiling point elevation of the solution. MORE

Contingent Deferred Sales Charge (CDSC)

Business / Finance / Contingent Deferred Sales Charge (CDSC): A claim that can be made only if one or more specified outcomes occur. MORE

Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP)

Health / Dentistry / Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP): A health care model in which the consumer (plan member) is made aware of the true costs and value of health care so that he/she can make informed decisions that balance choice with cost. Health plans MORE

Euro Cds

Business / Finance / Euro Cds: Originally for a deposit outside one's home country but in the home country currency. This terminology is confusing now since the new European currency unit, also called the Euro, was introduced on Ja MORE

Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC)

Technology / Computers / Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC): It is also called the Extended ASCII Code. This is a common asynchronous code used by IBM. It is pronounced 'ehb-suh-dik'. Many corporation that have legacy applications and databases in IBM's OS/390 MORE