Business / Finance / Buy: To purchase an asset; taking a long position.

Other Words for Buy

Buy Noun Synonyms: purchase, acquisition
Buy Verb Synonyms: purchase, acquire, obtain, get, procure, gain, come by, secure

Buyers Remorse

Business / Real Estate / Buyers Remorse: Buyers of expensive items, like a home or automobile, sometimes regret their decision. They wonder if they paid too much or made the wrong selection. This fear of having made a serious mistake is refe MORE

Will-Buy Buyers

Business / Real Estate / Will-Buy Buyers: Will-buy buyers are bargain-hunters looking for motivated must-sell sellers. MORE

Must-Buy Buyers

Business / Real Estate / Must-Buy Buyers: Buyers looking for properties that meet specific needs. MORE

Buy Down

Business / Construction / Buy Down: A subsidy (usually paid by a builder or developer) to reduce monthly payments on a mortgage. MORE

Buying Signals

Business / Real Estate / Buying Signals: Words, actions or facial expressions that signal a prospects readiness to buy. MORE

Bond Buyers Municipal Bond Index

Business / Finance / Bond Buyers Municipal Bond Index: A municipal bond price tracking index published daily by the Bond Buyer. MORE