COLT (Continuous On-Line Trading System)

Business / Finance / COLT (Continuous On-Line Trading System): The combination of all the individual opinions about a stock's or security's value.

Trading Costs

Business / Finance / Trading Costs: A document (power of attorney) a customer gives to a broker in order that the broker may buy and sell securities on behalf of the customer. MORE

Trading Authorization

Business / Finance / Trading Authorization: Buying and selling securities. MORE

Trading Dividends

Business / Finance / Trading Dividends: Costs of buying and selling marketable securities and borrowing. Trading costs include commissions, slippage, and the bid/ask spread. See: Transactions costs. MORE

Trading Floor

Business / Taxes / Trading Floor: The trading floor is the active trading area of a stock exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Securities are traded auction-style on an exchange trading floor. That means the prices ar MORE

Trading On The Equity

Business / Real Estate / Trading On The Equity: The practice of agreeing to buy real estate and then assigning the purchase agreement to another buyer before closing takes place, thus turning a profit by selling the paper. MORE

Trading Halt

Business / Finance / Trading Halt: Maximizing a firm's revenues by purchasing stock in other firms in order to collect the maximum amount of dividends of which 70% is tax-free. MORE