Business / Finance / Calendar: List of new issues scheduled to come to market shortly.

Other Words for Calendar

Calendar Noun Synonyms: appointment book, schedule, slate, diary, date-book, law docket

Gregorian Calendar

Science / Astrology / Gregorian Calendar: The calendar now used internationally, devised by Pope Gregory in the 1580s to replace the Julian calendar, which by then had accumulated a ten-day discrepancy with the solar year. Most, but not all, MORE

Julian Calendar

Science / Tides and Currents / Julian Calendar: A calendar introduced by Julius Caesar in the year 45 B.C., and slightly modified by Augustus a few years later. This calendar provided that the common year should consist of 365 days and that every f MORE

Broadcast Calendar

Technology / Television (TV) / Broadcast Calendar: This standard Broadcast calendar, created in the 1960s, is designed to conform to the uniform billing period adopted by Broadcasters, Agencies and Advertisers for billing and planning functions. Under MORE

Calendar Spread

Business / Finance / Calendar Spread: Applies to derivative products. A strategy in which there is a simultaneous purchase and sale of options of the same class at different strike prices, but with the same expiration date. MORE

Calendar Effect

Business / Finance / Calendar Effect: Describes the tendency of stocks to perform differently at different times, including preformance anomalies like the January effect, month-of-the-year effect, day-of-the-week effect, and holiday effec MORE

Shadow Calendar

Business / Finance / Shadow Calendar: A backlog of securities issues registered with the SEC, awaiting the determination of an offer date. MORE