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Callable Bond

Business / Taxes / Callable Bond: A callable bond can be redeemed by the issuer before it matures if that provision is included in the terms of the bond agreement, or deed of trust. Bonds are typically called when interest rates fall, MORE


Business / Finance / Noncallable: A preferred stock or bond that cannot be redeemed whenever desired by the issuer. MORE

Callable Bonds

Business / Accounting / Callable Bonds: Bonds for which the issuer reserves the right to pay the obligation before its maturity date. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Preset: A collection of system settings stored in a memory that is virtually instantly recallable, typically at the touch of a button. MORE


Business / Finance / Prerefunding: Procedure of floating a second bond at a lower interest rate in order to pay off the first bond at the first call date and to reduce overall borrowing costs. MORE

Pickup Bond

Business / Finance / Pickup Bond: A bond with a relatively high coupon that is close to the date at which it is callable, meaning that a fall in interest rates will most likely cause early redemption of the bond at a premium. MORE