Can Get

Business / Finance / Can Get : Convertible: Redeemed before maturity. Option: Call or put option exercised against the stockholder. Sale: Delivery required on a short sale.

Other Words for Get

Get Verb Synonyms: receive, be given, come by
Get Noun Synonyms: obtain, secure, acquire, come by or into (the) possession of, procure, pick up, collect, buy, purchase, book, retain, hire, engage, rent, lease, accede to, inherit, fall heir to, succeed to

Jin Shin Do

Health / Massage / Jin Shin Do: Developed by psychotherapist Iona Marsaa Teeguarden, Jin Shin Do combines gentle, yet deep, finger pressure on acu-points with simple body focusing techniques to release physical and emotional tension MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Ruts: When dirt terrain is soft or damp, deep channels or "ruts" can be formed when the rear tires dig through the dirt. Ruts can force riders to take certain lines through a corner, or limit them to only o MORE

Triangle Offense

Entertainment / Basketball / Triangle Offense: The offensive scheme of the 1990's, as practiced by the Chicago Bulls and now the L.A. Lakers. Invented at USC in the 1940's, coach Tex Winter brought it to Chicago in 1985 but it was not fully implem MORE

Fourth Down

Entertainment / Football / Fourth Down: The final of a set of four downs. Unless a first down is achieved or a penalty forces a replay of the down, the team will lose control of the ball after this play. If a team does not think they can ge MORE

Online Service

Business / Internet Marketing / Online Service: A business that provides its subscribers with a wide variety of data transmitted over telecommunications lines. Online services provide an infrastructure in which subscribers can communicate with one MORE

Go Long

Entertainment / Bowling / Go Long: A balls goes long when it skids farther down the lane before starting its hook. Desirable on hooking lanes. You can get a ball to go longer by altering the surface to reduce the friction (polish the b MORE