Cannot Compete

Business / Finance / Cannot Compete: To void an order to buy or sell from (1) the floor, or (2) the trader/salesperson's scope. In Autex, the indication still remains on record as having once been placed unless it is expunged.

Other Words for Compete

Compete Adjective Synonyms: contend, vie, struggle, strive, conflict, joust, fence, fight, battle, clash, collide

Cultural Competence

Life Style / Adoption / Cultural Competence: A set of attitudes, behaviors and policies that integrates knowledge about groups of people into practices and standards to enhance the quality of services to all cultural groups being served. MORE

Core Competencies

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Core Competencies: The skills, knowledge and abilities which employees must possess in order to successfully perform job functions that are essential to business operations. MORE

Legally Competent Parties

Business / Real Estate / Legally Competent Parties: People who are recognized by law as being able to contract with others, those of legal age and sound mind. MORE


Business / Finance / Noncompete: A provision in a number of employment contracts that prohibits an employee from working for a competing firm for a specified number of years after the employee leaves the firm. MORE

Task Competencies

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Task Competencies: The specific activities and tasks that make up a particular job. MORE

Noncompete Agreement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Noncompete Agreement: A contract restricting an employee from obtaining employment with a competitor within a specified industry, distance and/or time frame. MORE