Business / Finance / Car: An exotic option. It represents a call option on a put option. That is, you

Other Words for Car

Car Noun Synonyms: (motor) vehicle, motor car, automobile, passenger car, motor, auto, jalopy, heap, pile, crate, machine, buggy, transport, wheels


Business / Machine Shop / Carriage: A principal part of a lathe that carries the cutting tool and consists of the saddle, compound rest and apron. MORE

Parent or caretaker

Life Style / Adoption / Parent or caretaker: Person responsible for the care of the child. MORE

Carbonate Rock

Science / Geology / Carbonate Rock: A rock made up primarily of carbonate minerals (minerals containing the CO3 anionic structure). Limestone (made up primarily of calicite - CaCO3) and dolostone (made up primarily of dolomite - CaMg (C MORE

Residential Care Facility

Life Style / Adoption / Residential Care Facility: A structured 24-hour care facility with staff that provide psychological services to help severely troubled children overcome behavioral, emotional, mental or psychological problems that adversely aff MORE

Out-of-Home Care

Life Style / Adoption / Out-of-Home Care: Child care, foster care or residential care provided by persons, organizations and institutions to children who are placed outside their families, usually under the jurisdiction of juvenile or family MORE

Carryover Clause

Business / Real Estate / Carryover Clause: A carryover clause (often referred to as a safety clause) may be contained in a listing. It provides that a broker is still entitled to a commission for a set period of time after the listing has expi MORE