Business / Finance / Carry: British slang for an equity investment with the added benefit of an opportunity to purchase more equity if the company reaches certain financial goals.

Other Words for Carry

Carry Verb Synonyms: transport, convey, bear, lug, drag, cart, move, tote, schlep


Entertainment / Basketball / Carrying: You may not dribble the ball with both hands at once or turn the ball over in your hands. You'll be called for carrying if you do. This is also called 'palming'. To avoid this offense, be sure to alwa MORE

Carrying Capacity

Business / Agriculture / Carrying Capacity: The maximum stocking rate for livestock possible without damaging vegetation or related resources. Carrying capacity may vary from year to year on the same area, due to fluctuating forage production. MORE

Carryover Clause

Business / Real Estate / Carryover Clause: A carryover clause (often referred to as a safety clause) may be contained in a listing. It provides that a broker is still entitled to a commission for a set period of time after the listing has expi MORE


Life Style / Travel / Carry-On: Currently, there are no uniformly enforced airline restrictions concerning carry-on luggage. Most carriers state that the bag must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. The usual MORE

Carrying Costs

Business / Finance / Carrying Costs: The fee a broker charges for carrying securities on credit, such as on a margin account. MORE

Must Carry

Technology / Television (TV) / Must Carry: As of 2002, the FCC established a condition that if a satellite TV service provider is going to carry one local network in a specific market place or DMA, then they must carry all local networks in th MORE