Cash Cow

Business / Finance / Cash Cow: The length of time between a firm's purchase of inventory and the receipt of cash from accounts receivable.

Other Words for Cash

Cash Noun Synonyms: money, currency, bills, notes, banknotes, change, hard cash or money, specie, coin of the realm, legal tender, moolah, dough, bread, loot, spondulicks or spondulix, lolly, ready, readies, scratch, gelt

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Business / Finance / Discounted Cash Flow (DCF): To sell below maturity value, so that the difference makes up all or part of the interest. MORE

Discretionary Cash Flow

Business / Finance / Discretionary Cash Flow: Accounts over which an individual or organization, other than the person in whose name the account is carried, exercises trading authority or control. MORE

Discounted Cash Flow

Business / Real Estate / Discounted Cash Flow: Used in measuring the return from a real estate investment, the present value of a future income stream as determined by a given discount rate. MORE

Cowl Flap

Technology / Aviation / Cowl Flap: A controllable louvre to regulating airflow through an engine's cowling. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Cowbell: Rectangular metal bell that is struck with a drumstick: used widely in Latin-American music. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Cowl: A circular, removable FAIRING around an aircraft engine (generally radial) for the purposes of streamling or cooling: aka RING COWLING. MORE