Cash Deficiency Agreement

Business / Finance / Cash Deficiency Agreement: In general, the time between cash disbursement and cash collection. In net working capital management, it can be thought of as the operating cycle less the accounts payable payment period.

Other Words for Agreement

Agreement Noun Synonyms: understanding, covenant, treaty, pact, accord, compact, settlement, concordat, contract, bargain, deal

Other Words for Cash

Cash Noun Synonyms: money, currency, bills, notes, banknotes, change, hard cash or money, specie, coin of the realm, legal tender, moolah, dough, bread, loot, spondulicks or spondulix, lolly, ready, readies, scratch, gelt

Margin Agreement

Business / Finance / Margin Agreement: The agreement governing customers' margin accounts. MORE

Management Agreement

Business / Real Estate / Management Agreement: A contract between the owner of income property and a management firm or individual property manager that outlines the scope of the managers authority. MORE

Marketing Orders And Agreements

Business / Agriculture / Marketing Orders And Agreements: Orders and agreements (authorized by the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937, as amended) allow producers to promote orderly marketing through collectively influencing the supply, demand, or MORE

Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA)

Business / Agriculture / Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA): An agreement between federal agencies, or divisions/units within an agency or department, or between federal and state agencies, which delineate tasks, jurisdiction, standard operating procedures or o MORE

Multilateral Agreement

Business / Agriculture / Multilateral Agreement: A trade agreement involving three or more countries (as with the World Trade Organization) in contrast to a bilateral agreement (as with the US-Canada Free Trade agreement) involving only two countrie MORE

Local Marketing Agreement (LMA)

Technology / Television (TV) / Local Marketing Agreement (LMA): An agreement between two owners in which one markets and sells advertising for the other. MORE