Business / Finance / Certificate: An amount that would be accepted today (risk free) in lieu of a chance to receive a possibly higher, but uncertain, amount.

Jumbo Certificate Of Deposit

Business / Finance / Jumbo Certificate Of Deposit: A certificate of deposit in increments of $100,000. MORE

Certificateless Municipals

Business / Finance / Certificateless Municipals: Also called a time deposit this is a certificate issued by a bank or thrift that indicates a specified sum of money has been deposited. A CD has a maturity date and a specified interest rate, and can MORE

Municipal Improvement Certificate

Business / Finance / Municipal Improvement Certificate: A certificate used to finance local government projects and services that are financed by a special tax assessment. Its interest is tax-free. MORE

Certificates Of Amortized Revolving Debt (CARD)

Business / Finance / Certificates Of Amortized Revolving Debt (CARD): Municipal bonds with one certificate which is valid for the entire issue, and having no individual certificates, easing transactions. See: Book-entry securities. MORE

Certificate Of Accrual On Treasury Securities (CATS)

Business / Finance / Certificate Of Accrual On Treasury Securities (CATS): A formal document used to record a fact and used as proof of the fact, such as stock certificates, that evidence ownership of stock in a corporation. MORE

Certificate Of Reasonable Value (CRV)

Business / Real Estate / Certificate Of Reasonable Value (CRV): A certificate insured by the Veterans Administration setting forth a propertys current market value estimate, based on a VA-approved appraisal. The CRV places a ceiling on the amount of a VA-guarantee MORE