Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Business / Finance / Chief Executive Officer (CEO): A major exchange trading only stocks, with 90% of trades taking place on an automated execution system, called MAX.

Other Words for Chief

Chief Adjective Synonyms: head, leading, ranking, superior, supreme, foremost, premier, first, greatest, outstanding
Chief Noun Synonyms: head, leader, principal, superior, supervisor, superintendent, manager, overseer, captain, master, ringleader, chieftain, himself, boss, bossman, governor, gov., supremo, man, kingpin, (head or chief) honcho, number one, numero uno

Other Words for Executive

Executive Noun Synonyms: chairman (of the board), director, managing director, chief executive, president, chief (executive officer), CEO, manager, head, leader, principal, administrator, official, supervisor, foreman, superintendent, overseer, boss, master, Mr. Big

Other Words for Officer

Officer Noun Synonyms: (public) official, dignitary, office-holder, public servant, office-bearer, (political) appointee, (government) agent, bureaucrat, functionary, commissioner, administrator, manager, director, apparatchik

Executive Producer

Entertainment / Video Games / Executive Producer: A high-level manager (one step below a Vice President) responsible for managing producers. MORE

Executive Outplacement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Executive Outplacement: A program designed to provide displaced senior-level managerial and professional employees with career management and transition services that go above and beyond what is typically offered through a c MORE

Executive Order 11246 Of 1965

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Executive Order 11246 Of 1965: Administered and enforced by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), Executive Order 11246 prohibits federal contractors and federally-assisted construction contractors and subcont MORE

Executive Order

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Executive Order: An official presidential directive that has the same force as a law. MORE

Executive Retreat

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Executive Retreat: A team building and development approach designed for executive-level managers; conducted off-site and typically lasts from a few days to a week. MORE

Executive Search Firm

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Executive Search Firm: An agency or organization used by employers to assist them with the selection and placement of candidates for senior-level managerial or professional positions. MORE