Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Business / Finance / Chief Operating Officer (COO): The officer of a firm is responsible for handling the financial affairs of a company.

Other Words for Chief

Chief Adjective Synonyms: head, leading, ranking, superior, supreme, foremost, premier, first, greatest, outstanding
Chief Noun Synonyms: head, leader, principal, superior, supervisor, superintendent, manager, overseer, captain, master, ringleader, chieftain, himself, boss, bossman, governor, gov., supremo, man, kingpin, (head or chief) honcho, number one, numero uno

Other Words for Officer

Officer Noun Synonyms: (public) official, dignitary, office-holder, public servant, office-bearer, (political) appointee, (government) agent, bureaucrat, functionary, commissioner, administrator, manager, director, apparatchik

Operating Exposure

Business / Finance / Operating Exposure: Degree to which exchange rate changes, in combination with price changes, will alter a company's future operating cash flows. MORE

Operating In The Red

Business / Finance / Operating In The Red: Doing business while losing money. MORE

Operating Income

Business / Finance / Operating Income: Sales revenue minus cost of sales and operating expenses. Similar to earnings before interest and taxes, operating income is examined when the earnings of the core business are analyzed. Also referred MORE

Operating Lease

Business / Accounting / Operating Lease: A simple rental agreement. MORE

Operating Expenses

Business / Finance / Operating Expenses: All expenses related to the ongoing operations of a company, including research and development, sales and marketing, and administrative expenses. Any costs directly attributable to producing goods or MORE

Operating Cycle

Business / Finance / Operating Cycle: The average time between the acquisition of materials or services and the final cash realization from that acquisition. MORE