Business / Finance / Circle: Stock exchange based in Cincinnati that is the only fully automated stock exchange in the U.S. It has no trading floor, but handles all members' transactions using computers.

Other Words for Circle

Circle Verb Synonyms: encircle, circumambulate, go round or around, tour, circumnavigate
Circle Noun Synonyms: disc or disk, ring, hoop, loop, band, wheel, annulus, ringlet, cordon

Restraining Circle

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Restraining Circle: A faceoff circle. MORE

Center Ice Circle

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Center Ice Circle: The faceoff circle, 30 feet in diameter, surrounding the center ice spot, where faceoffs are held to start a period and to restart the game after a goal. MORE

Center Face-Off Circle

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Center Face-Off Circle: A circle, measuring 30 feet in diameter, at the center of the ice where the puck is dropped in a face-off to start the game and to restart the game after a goal has been scored. MORE

Acceptable Circle Of Confusion

Entertainment / Photography / Acceptable Circle Of Confusion: The size of the largest circle which the eye cannot distinguish from a dot. In 35mm format cameras, a 0.03mm diameter circle of confusion is considered acceptable. It is used to calculate depth-of-fie MORE

Magic Circle

Health / Pilates / Magic Circle: Magic CircleA simple isometric device comprising a flexible ring with handles. Can be used to firm the muscles of the upper arms, neck, and inner thighs (especially good for expectant mothers). In pla MORE

Color Circle

Entertainment / Photography / Color Circle: Chart of spectrum hues presented as a circle. MORE