Citizen Bonds

Business / Finance / Citizen Bonds: A fixed-rate currency swap against floating U.S. dollar LIBOR payments.

Other Words for Citizen

Citizen Noun Synonyms: voter, native, householder, resident, inhabitant, denizen, dweller, freeman, patrial, ratepayer, taxpayer

Mortgage Revenue Bonds

Business / Real Estate / Mortgage Revenue Bonds: A type of tax-exempt industrial development bond offered by state and local governments through their housing financing agencies. MORE

Municipal Bonds

Business / Real Estate / Municipal Bonds: Bonds issued to finance public improvements such as parks, schools and urban renewal projects. MORE

Policyholder Loan Bonds

Business / Finance / Policyholder Loan Bonds: Packaged loans acquired by policyholders that are secured by the cash surrender value of the policies, and are offered by a broker/dealer as bonds. MORE

Proof Of Citizenship

Life Style / Travel / Proof Of Citizenship: An issued document by a government that establishes the traveler's nationality. Usually an original or a certified copy of a birth certificate, or a passport. MORE

Mello-Roos Bonds

Business / Real Estate / Mello-Roos Bonds: Based on passage of the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982, certain housing tracts may be within what are called community facilities districts where special taxes are assessed to finance des MORE

Long Bonds

Business / Finance / Long Bonds: Bonds with a long current maturity. The 'long bond' is the 30-year U.S. Treasury bond. MORE