Business / Finance / Claimant: A decrease in the likelihood that one or more of a firm's claimants will be fully repaid, including time value of money considerations.


Business / Real Estate / Interplead: A judicial proceeding by which, when two parties make the same claim against a third party, the rightful claimant is determined. As such, he could require them to litigate their problems between thems MORE


Business / Finance / Subrogation: The return of a portfolio over a shorter period of time than the evaluation period. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Interpleader: A judicial proceeding where an innocent third party, such as an escrow agent or broker, can deposit with the court property or money that he or she holds and that is subject to adverse claims. The cou MORE

Battle Of Hastings

Entertainment / Literature / Battle Of Hastings: This battle in 1066 CE marks the rough boundary between the end of the Anglo-Saxon (Old English) period from about 450-1066 CE and the beginning of the Middle English period from about 1066-1450. No o MORE


Health / Health Insurance / Benefit: Amount payable by the insurance company to a claimant, assignee, or beneficiary when the insured suffers a loss. MORE