Clean Your Skirts

Business / Finance / Clean Your Skirts: In the context of general equities, purchase/sale of all the remaining supply of stock, or the last piece of a block, in a trade-leaving a net zero position.

Other Words for Clean

Clean Adjective Synonyms: pure, undefiled, unsullied, unmixed, unadulterated, uncontaminated, unpolluted, uninfected, unspoiled or unspoilt, sanitary, disinfected, antiseptic, decontaminated, purified, sterile
Clean Adverb Synonyms: completely, entirely, thoroughly, fully, totally, wholly, altogether, quite, utterly, absolutely
Clean Verb Synonyms: cleanse, wash, lave, (take a) shower, sponge, mop, scrub, scour, sweep, dust, vacuum, polish, launder, dry-clean, hoover, tidy, neaten, do up, straighten up or out, unclutter, bath, bathe

Level Your Eyes

Health / Pilates / Level Your Eyes: To focus your eyes horizontally straight ahead of you. Leveling your eyes will help maintain proper neck and head placement, as well as enhance your balance. MORE

Lift, Clean And Place

Entertainment / Golf / Lift, Clean And Place: (sometimes also 'preferred lies, winter rules') a mode of play, usually because of muddy or poor course conditions, where through the green the ball may be picked up, cleaned off and replaced (within MORE

Know Your Customer

Business / Finance / Know Your Customer: An ethical foundation of securities brokers that an adviser who recommends the purchase or sale of any security to a customer, must believe that the recommendation is suitable for the customer, given MORE

For Your Information (FYI)

Business / Finance / For Your Information (FYI): Used in the context of general equities. Implies that the quantity mentioned is not his total but instead is only approximate, and to open him up more will obligate one to participate. MORE

Cupping Your Wrist

Entertainment / Bowling / Cupping Your Wrist: A type of ball carry that has your wrist bent upwards; it is considered a power/more hook delivery. MORE

Flat Price (Also Clean Price)

Business / Finance / Flat Price (Also Clean Price): Method used to determine a participant's benefits in a defined benefit plan by multiplying months of service by a flat monthly benefit. MORE