Clearing Member

Business / Finance / Clearing Member: An international wire transfer system for high-value payments operated by a group of major banks.

Other Words for Member

Member Verb Synonyms: colleague, associate, fellow


Business / Finance / Clearinghouse: A member firm of a clearing house. Each clearing member must also be a member of the exchange. Not all members of the exchange, however, are members of the clearing organization. All trades of a non-c MORE

Member Bounce

Entertainment / Golf / Member Bounce: (also 'member's bounce, lucky kick') a very favorable (lucky) bounce or kick of the ball MORE

Member Services

Health / Health Insurance / Member Services: The department responsible for helping members with any problems, handling member grievances and complaints, tracking and reporting patterns of problems encountered, and enhancing the relationship bet MORE

Member Firm

Business / Finance / Member Firm: Used for listed equity securities. Brokerage firm that has at least one membership on a major stock exchange even though, by exchange rules, the membership is in the name of an employee and not the fi MORE

Member Bank

Business / Finance / Member Bank: A national- or state-chartered bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System. MORE

Market Clearing

Business / Finance / Market Clearing: Total demand for loans by borrowers equals total supply of loans from lenders. The market, any market, clears at the equilibrium rate of interest or price. MORE