Business / Finance / Close: A new fund set up in a fund family to emulate another successful fund.

Other Words for Close

Close Verb Synonyms: shut, close up, seal, close off, lock, padlock, secure, fasten
Close Adverb Synonyms: end, termination, conclusion, finish, completion, cessation, culmination
Close Adjective Synonyms: closed, shut (up), fixed, fast, secure, tight

Closely Held

Business / Finance / Closely Held: Mortgage against which no additional debt may be issued. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Close-Up: General term for an image of a close subject, i.e. Filling the frame. MORE

Market-On-Close (MOC) Order

Business / Finance / Market-On-Close (MOC) Order: An order to trade stocks, options, or futures as close as possible to the market close. MORE

Management-Closely Held Shares

Business / Finance / Management-Closely Held Shares: Percentage of shares held by persons closely related to a company, as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Part of these percentages often are included in 'institutional holdings'--makin MORE

Closely Held Shares

Business / Finance / Closely Held Shares: A company who has a small group of controling shareholders. In contrast, a widely-held firm has many shareholders. It is difficult or impossible to wage a proxy battle for any closely-held firm. MORE

Closed Pocket

Entertainment / Bowling / Closed Pocket: A full rack of pins set up for your strike ball such that the head pin is a tad off spot towards your ball hand; i.e., to the right for a right handed player; closed pockets can give unpredictable res MORE