Closing Tick

Business / Finance / Closing Tick: A transaction in which the seller's intention is to reduce or eliminate a long position in a stock, or a given series of options.

Closing Transaction

Business / Finance / Closing Transaction: The net of the number of stocks whose closing prices are higher than their previous trades (uptick) against the number of stocks whose closing prices were lower than their previous trades (downtick). MORE

Stick The Volley

Entertainment / Tennis / Stick The Volley: A volley hit crisply resulting in shot with a sharp downward trajectory. MORE

Stick Side

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stick Side: The side on which the goaltender holds the stick; the opposite of glove side. MORE

Stick Save

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stick Save: A save made with the goaltender's stick. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stickhandling: The act of controlling the puck with one's stick, especially while manoeuvering through opponents. MORE

Stick Deke

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stick Deke: When a player’s stick is moved as though for a shot, but instead the player moves the puck past the defending player; done to fake out the opponent. MORE