Business / Finance / Collection: A security backed by a pool of pass-through rates , structured so that there are several classes of bondholders with varying maturities, called tranches. The principal payments from the underlying pool of pass-through securities are used to retire the bonds on a priority basis as specified in the prospectus. Related: mortgage pass-through security.

Other Words for Collection

Collection Noun Synonyms: accumulation, hoard, store, assemblage, omnium gatherum, anthology, chrestomathy
Collection Adjective Synonyms: collecting, gathering, solicitation, garnering, gleaning, accumulation, amassment, aggregation, whip-round

Collection Policy

Business / Finance / Collection Policy: The percentage of a given month's sales collected during the month of sale and each month following the month of sale. MORE

Collection Fractions

Business / Finance / Collection Fractions: The period between the time is deposited a check in an account and the time funds are made available. MORE

Bank Collection Float

Business / Finance / Bank Collection Float: The time that elapses between when a check is deposited into a bank account and when the funds are available to the depositor, during which period the bank is collecting payment from the payer's bank. MORE