Collection Fractions

Business / Finance / Collection Fractions: The period between the time is deposited a check in an account and the time funds are made available.

Other Words for Collection

Collection Adjective Synonyms: collecting, gathering, solicitation, garnering, gleaning, accumulation, amassment, aggregation, whip-round
Collection Noun Synonyms: accumulation, hoard, store, assemblage, omnium gatherum, anthology, chrestomathy

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (1978)

Business / Accounting / Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (1978): Federal law that prohibits debt collectors from engaging in unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices when collecting debts. Collectors must send a written notice telling the amount owed and name of the MORE

Data Collection Platform (DCP)

Science / Tides and Currents / Data Collection Platform (DCP): A microprocessor based system that collects data from sensors, processes the data, stores the data in random access memory(RAM),and provides communication links for the retrieval or transmission of th MORE

Light Collection

Science / Astrology / Light Collection: A term used in horary astrology to describe developments when two planets not in aspect (strangers) both apply to a third, slower planet that 'collects their light' (unites their energies), symbolical MORE

Receivables Balance Fractions

Business / Finance / Receivables Balance Fractions: The percentage of a month's sales that remains uncollected (and part of accounts receivable) at the end of succeeding months. MORE

Typical Collection Pattern

Business / Finance / Typical Collection Pattern: The classification of an option contract as either a put or a call. MORE

Collection Ratio

Business / Finance / Collection Ratio: Procedures a firm follows in attempting to collect accounts receivables. MORE