Business / Finance / Combination: A bank that ranks just below a lead manager in a syndicated Eurocredit or international bond issue. Comanagers may assist the lead manager bank in the pricing and issue of the instrument.

Other Words for Combination

Combination Noun Synonyms: association, alliance, coalition, union, federation, confederation, combine, syndication, syndicate, consortium, trust, bloc, cartel, party, society, organization, league, cabal, conspiracy, clique, claque
Combination Verb Synonyms: union, conjunction, mixture, mix, grouping, set, array


Science / Biology / Recombination: A way in which meiosis produces new combinations of genetic information. During synapsis, chromatids may exchange parts with other chromatids, leading to a physical exchange of chromosome parts; thus, MORE

Combination Reaction

Science / Chemistry / Combination Reaction: A reaction in which two or more substances are chemically bonded together to produce a product. For example, 2 Na(s) + Cl2(g) rightarrow 2 nacl(s) is a combination reaction. MORE

Combination Matching

Business / Finance / Combination Matching: A bond backed by the government unit issuing it as well as by revenue from the project that is to be financed by the bond. MORE

Combination Printing

Entertainment / Photography / Combination Printing: Producing a composite image by printing more than one negative on a single sheet of paper. MORE

Combination Bond Plus

Business / Finance / Combination Bond Plus: Applies to derivative products. Arrangement of options involving two long or two short positions with different expiration dates or strike (exercise) prices. See: Straddle. MORE

Combination Square

Business / Machine Shop / Combination Square: A drafting and layout tool combining a square, a level, a protractor and a center head. MORE