Combination Matching

Business / Finance / Combination Matching: A bond backed by the government unit issuing it as well as by revenue from the project that is to be financed by the bond.

Other Words for Combination

Combination Noun Synonyms: association, alliance, coalition, union, federation, confederation, combine, syndication, syndicate, consortium, trust, bloc, cartel, party, society, organization, league, cabal, conspiracy, clique, claque
Combination Verb Synonyms: union, conjunction, mixture, mix, grouping, set, array

Other Words for Matching

Matching Verb Synonyms: corresponding, homologous, comparable, equivalent, complementary

Matching Contribution

Business / Taxes / Matching Contribution: A matching contribution is money your employer adds to your salary reduction retirement savings account, such as a 401(k). It's usually a percentage of the amount you contribute up to a cap that the e MORE

Matching Concept

Business / Finance / Matching Concept: The accounting principle that requires the recognition of all costs that are associated with the generation of the revenue reported in the income statement. MORE


Life Style / Adoption / Matching: The process of finding prospective families specifically suited to meet the needs of a waiting child, not to be confused with 'placement.” MORE

Keyword Matching

Business / Internet Marketing / Keyword Matching: In Google Ad Words, there are four different keyword matching options, each specifying a different way for a keyword to interact with search queries. With some options, you'll enjoy more ad impression MORE

Matching Principle

Business / Accounting / Matching Principle: The concept that all costs and expenses incurred in generating revenues must be recognized in the same reporting period as the related revenues. MORE


Science / Biology / Recombination: A way in which meiosis produces new combinations of genetic information. During synapsis, chromatids may exchange parts with other chromatids, leading to a physical exchange of chromosome parts; thus, MORE