Commercial Draft

Business / Finance / Commercial Draft: A letter from an independent auditor in securities underwriting agreements to assure that information in the registration statement and prospectus is correctly prepared to the best of the auditor's knowledge.

Other Words for Draft

Draft Noun Synonyms: bill of exchange, cheque, money order, postal order, letter of credit
Draft Adjective Synonyms: plan, sketch, drawing, outline, rough (sketch), blueprint, diagram, prospectus


Entertainment / Video Games / Drafting: Term used in racing (and consequently racing games) for tucking behind another car and taking advantage of the aerodynamic effect that creates. Used prolifically in NASCAR and Formula One games for en MORE

Euro-Commercial Paper

Business / Finance / Euro-Commercial Paper: One of two principal clearing systems in the Eurobond market. It began operations in 1968, is located in Brussels, and is managed by Morgan Guaranty Bank. Applies mainly to international equities. Eur MORE

Expansion Draft

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Expansion Draft: A special arrangement to assist new franchises in obtaining players, where expansion teams choose players from other teams’ rosters. MORE

Mock Draft

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Mock Draft: A 'fake' draft that is not played out during the season that often is used to help determine average drafted position. does a number of mock drafts during the season to help give fantasy footb MORE

Draft Sequence

Science / Genetics / Draft Sequence: The sequence generated by the hgp as of june 2000 that, while incomplete, offers a virtual road map to an estimated 95% of all human genes. Draft sequence data are mostly in the form of 10,000 base pa MORE

Draft Dashers

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Draft Dashers: People who enjoy drafting a fantasy football team, but disappear long before the season is over, abandoning their team. MORE