Business / Finance / Commodity: The location of five New York futures exchanges: Commodity Exchange, Inc. (COMEX); the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX); New York Cotton Exchange, Coffee, Sugar ;&; Cocoa Exchange (CS;&;CE), and New York Futures Exchange (NYFE).

Commodity Letters Of Credit (CLOC)

Business / Agriculture / Commodity Letters Of Credit (CLOC): Food instruments issued in lieu of commodities to certain designated schools participating in the National School Lunch Program. These letters of credit specify the types of foods that schools must bu MORE

Cash Commodity

Business / Agriculture / Cash Commodity: The physical or actual commodity as distinguished from the futures contract. Sometimes called spot commodity, or actuals. MORE

Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC)

Business / Agriculture / Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC): A wholly owned government corporation created in 1933 to stabilize, support, and protect farm income and prices (federally chartered by the Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act of 1948 (P.L. 80-80 MORE

Commodity Certificates

Business / Agriculture / Commodity Certificates: Payments issued by the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) in lieu of cash payments to participants in farm subsidy or agricultural export programs. Holders of certificates are permitted to exchange th MORE

Commodity Loan Rates

Business / Agriculture / Commodity Loan Rates: Price per unit (pound, bushel, bale, or hundredweight) at which the CCC provides nonrecourse loans to farmers to enable them to hold program crops for later sale. Commodity loans under the FAIR Act of MORE

Commodity Distribution

Business / Agriculture / Commodity Distribution: Direct donation of food products by the federal government to needy persons, schools, and institutions. Commodities are either entitlement or bonus. Bonus commodities can be received when they are ava MORE