Business / Finance / Company: A class of a Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO) whose principal is paid off first when the underlying mortgages are prepaid due to falling interest rates. When interest rates rise, there will be lower prepayments of the principal; companion bonds therefore absorb most of the prepayment risk of a CMO.

Other Words for Company

Company Noun Synonyms: companionship, society, fellowship, attendance, presence, associates, friends, companions, comrades

Public Utility Holding Company Act Of 1935

Business / Finance / Public Utility Holding Company Act Of 1935: Legislation intended to eliminate many holding company abuses by reorganizing the financial structures of holding companies in the gas and electric utility industries and regulating their debt and div MORE

Stock Company

Life Style / Time Shares / Stock Company: Resorts issue shares of ownership in the property or properties they sell. Instead of owning a deed to a property, you own shares in the company, which entitles you to vacation time each year. MORE

Leveraged Company

Business / Finance / Leveraged Company: A company that has debt in its capital structure. MORE