Business / Finance / Competence: An excess balance that is left in a bank to provide indirect compensation for loans extended or services provided.

Competence (For Hosts)

Health / Disease / Competence (For Hosts): The efficiency with which a host acquires and spreads a pathogen. MORE

Core Competence

Business / Finance / Core Competence: The capital required of a thrift institution, which must be at least 2% of assets to meet the rules of the Federal Home Loan Bank. MORE

Cultural Competence

Life Style / Adoption / Cultural Competence: A set of attitudes, behaviors and policies that integrates knowledge about groups of people into practices and standards to enhance the quality of services to all cultural groups being served. MORE

Competence (For Bacteria)

Health / Disease / Competence (For Bacteria): The ability of a cell to take up extracellular ('naked') DNA from its environment. MORE

Certified Travel Counselor (Ctc)

Life Style / Travel / Certified Travel Counselor (Ctc): Designation of professional competence attesting to a travel agent’s successful completion of a study program developed and administered by the institute of certified travel agents. MORE

Real Estate License Law

Business / Real Estate / Real Estate License Law: State law enacted to protect the public from fraud, dishonesty and incompetence in the purchase and sale of real estate. MORE