Competition Ahead

Business / Finance / Competition Ahead: Intra- or intermarket rivalry between or among businesses trying to obtain a larger piece of the same market share.

Other Words for Ahead

Ahead Adverb Synonyms: at the or in front, in advance, in the lead or vanguard, up ahead, before, to the fore

Other Words for Competition

Competition Adjective Synonyms: rivalry, contention, striving, struggle
Competition Noun Synonyms: contest, match, meet, game, tournament, event, championship

Interspecific Competition

Science / Marine Biology / Interspecific Competition: Condition in which one species' exploitation of a limiting resource negatively affects another species MORE

Perfect Competition

Business / Finance / Perfect Competition: An idealized market environment in which every market participant is too small to affect the market price by acting on its own. MORE

Running Ahead

Business / Finance / Running Ahead: The illegal practice of trading in a security for a broker's personal account before placing an order for the same security for a customer. MORE

Stock Ahead

Business / Finance / Stock Ahead: Ownership of a corporation indicated by shares, which represent a piece of the corporation's assets and earnings. MORE

In Competition

Business / Finance / In Competition: Used in the context of general equities. Priced higher than the bid price but lower than the offer price. See: In the middle MORE

Going Ahead

Business / Finance / Going Ahead: A type of mutual fund in highly aggressive growth stocks. The fund has high levels of risk and potential return. MORE