Business / Finance / Composition: A department in all organized stock exchanges to ensure that all companies, traders, and brokerage firms comply with Securities and Exchange Commission and exchange rules and regulations.

Other Words for Composition

Composition Noun Synonyms: combination, make-up, structure, form, assembly, set-up, organization, layout, arrangement, configuration, shaping, balance, harmony, proportion, placement, placing, construction
Composition Verb Synonyms: theme, essay, article, paper, story

Body Composition

Health / Fitness / Body Composition: How much of your body is composed of fat and how much is composed of everything else. Your body composition is also called your body-fat percentage. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Decomposition: A reaction in which a compound is broken down into simpler compounds or elements. Compounds sometimes decompose if heated strongly or if subjected to a strong electric current (electrolysis). MORE

Audience Composition

Technology / Television (TV) / Audience Composition: The distribution of a station's audiences by demographic group. MORE

Modular Decomposition

Technology / Programming / Modular Decomposition: The design that results from stepwise refinement, since your design has been 'decomposed' into modules MORE


Entertainment / Music / Finale: Movement or passage that concludes the musical composition. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Legato: Word to indicate that the movement or entire composition is to be played smoothly. MORE