Comprehensive Due Diligence Investigation

Business / Finance / Comprehensive Due Diligence Investigation: The length of the time period that elapses before interest compounds (a quarter in the case of quarterly compounding).

Other Words for Comprehensive

Comprehensive Verb Synonyms: inclusive, encompassing, thorough, extensive, full, exhaustive, complete, sweeping, wide, broad, encyclopedic or encyclopaedic

Other Words for Due

Due Adjective Synonyms: fitting, right, rightful, correct, proper, appropriate, apropos, apposite, suitable, apt, meet, deserved, (well-)earned, merited, just, justified
Due Noun Synonyms: payable, owed, owing, unpaid, outstanding, in arrears

Other Words for Investigation

Investigation Verb Synonyms: enquiry or inquiry, examination, study, review, exploration, quest, search, probe, research, discovery procedure, scrutiny, analysis, inquest, inquisition, interrogation, questioning

Exposure Investigation

Health / Disease / Exposure Investigation: The collection and analysis of site-specific information and biologic tests (when appropriate) to determine whether people have been exposed to hazardous substances. MORE

Health Investigation

Health / Disease / Health Investigation: The collection and evaluation of information about the health of community residents. This information is used to describe or count the occurrence of a disease, symptom, or clinical measure and to eva MORE


Entertainment / Music / Duet: A piece of music written for two vocalists or instrumentalists. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Due-On-Sale-Clause: A form of acceleration clause found in some mortgages, especially savings and loan mortgages, requiring the mortgagor to pay off the mortgage debt when the property is sold, resulting in automatic mat MORE


Business / Construction / Due-On-Sale: A clause in a mortgage contract requiring the borrower to pay the entire outstanding balance upon sale or transfer of the property. MORE

Due-On-Sale Clause

Business / Finance / Due-On-Sale Clause: Meeting legally required to be held by an underwriter to enable brokers to question a new issuer about an upcoming issue. MORE