Business / Finance / Concession: Movement of cash from different lockbox locations into a single concentration account from which disbursements and investments are made.

Concessional (Export) Sale

Business / Agriculture / Concessional (Export) Sale: A sale in which a foreign buyer is allowed loan payment terms that are more favorable than those obtainable in the commercial market. Under P.L. 480, the concessional provisions (compared to the comme MORE

Selling Concession

Business / Finance / Selling Concession: The discount underwriters offer the selling group on securities in a new issue. MORE

Concession Agreement

Business / Finance / Concession Agreement: The per-share or per-bond compensation of a selling group for participating in a corporate underwriting. MORE

Mineral Interest

Science / Geology / Mineral Interest: An ownership, lease, concession, or other contractual interest that gives a party the right to explore and extract mineral resources on a property. MORE

Take-Up Fee

Business / Finance / Take-Up Fee: Requiring some price movement or concession on behalf of the initiating party before a trade can be consummated. See: Price give. MORE


Business / Debt / Negotiable: The ability to be sold or transferred to another party as a form of payment. Something which is negotiable is transferable by endorsement and delivery. A negotiable instrument could be a check made ou MORE