Consumer Credit

Business / Finance / Consumer Credit: The date a taxpayer receives dividends or other income, for use in the determination of taxes.

Other Words for Credit

Credit Verb Synonyms: ascribe, acknowledge, attribute, assign, impute
Credit Noun Synonyms: belief, faith, trust, credence

Arranger Of Credit

Business / Real Estate / Arranger Of Credit: As defined under the federal Truth-in-Lending Law, a person who regularly arranges for the extension of consumer credit by another person if a finance charge will be imposed, if there are to be more t MORE

Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)

Business / Real Estate / Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA): Federal legislation passed in 1974 to ensure that the various financial institutions and other firms engaged in the extension of credit exercise their responsibility to make credit available with fair MORE

Retail Credit

Business / Finance / Retail Credit: Credit granted by a firm to consumers for the purchase of goods or services. See: consumer credit. MORE

Fictitious Credit

Business / Finance / Fictitious Credit: Nonconvertible paper money. MORE

Five Cs Of Credit

Business / Finance / Five Cs Of Credit: Used in the context of general equities. Chronological listing of trades in a security showing the price, size, exchange, and time (to the second) of the trades; obtained by hitting '#M' on Quotron. MORE

Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation (FFCBFC)

Business / Agriculture / Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation (FFCBFC): An entity within the Farm Credit System (FCS) that manages and coordinates the sale of system-wide bonds and notes in the national financial markets. Since the FCS, by law, is not permitted to accept MORE