Consumer Goods

Business / Finance / Consumer Goods: Consumer products that are expected to last three years or more, such as an automobile or a home appliance.

Other Words for Goods

Goods Adjective Synonyms: possessions, (personal) property, chattels, things, gear, belongings, effects, paraphernalia, movables, stuff


Science / Biology / Consumers: The higher levels in a food pyramid; consist of primary consumers, which feed on the producers, and secondary consumers, which feed on the primary consumers. MORE

Cost Of Finished Goods

Business / Accounting / Cost Of Finished Goods: The value (at cost) of newly manufactured goods shown in a business's manufacturing account. The valuation is based on the opening raw materials balance, less direct costs involved in manufacturing, l MORE

Consumer-Oriented Agricultural Products

Business / Agriculture / Consumer-Oriented Agricultural Products: One of three broad categories of agricultural products used by the Foreign Agricultural Service to report export and import data under its BICO system. (The others are bulk commodities and intermediat MORE

Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP)

Health / Dentistry / Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP): A health care model in which the consumer (plan member) is made aware of the true costs and value of health care so that he/she can make informed decisions that balance choice with cost. Health plans MORE

Consumer Subsidy Equivalent (CSE)

Business / Agriculture / Consumer Subsidy Equivalent (CSE): A measure of the value of monetary transfers to consumers resulting from agricultural policies in a given year. If negative, it measures the implicit tax imposed on consumers by agricultural policies. MORE

Cost Of Goods Sold

Business / Finance / Cost Of Goods Sold: Interest rate associated with borrowing money. MORE