Continuous Compounding

Business / Finance / Continuous Compounding: Under ERISA, a firm is liable to its pension plan participants for up to 39% of the net worth of the firm.

Other Words for Continuous

Continuous Adjective Synonyms: incessant, persistent, perpetual, non-stop, unceasing, ceaseless, constant, unremitting, interminable, endless, unending, continual
Continuous Verb Synonyms: connected, unbroken, uninterrupted

Continuous Spectrum

Science / Chemistry / Continuous Spectrum: A plot of the relative absorbance or intensity of emitted light vs. Wavelength or frequency that shows a smooth variation, rather than a series of sharp peaks or bands. MORE

Continuous Shooting

Technology / Digital Cameras / Continuous Shooting: Successive images in rapid sequence; relatively slow in digital cameras. MORE

Continuous Roaster

Life Style / Coffee / Continuous Roaster: Large commercial coffee roaster that roasts coffee continuously rather than in batches. MORE

Continuous Random Variable

Business / Finance / Continuous Random Variable: Method of securities clearing and settlement using a clearing house, which matches transactions to securities available, resulting in one net receive or deliver position at the end of the day. MORE

Continuous Tone

Entertainment / Photography / Continuous Tone: Term applied to monochrome negatives and prints, where the image contains a gradation of density from white through gray to black, which represents a variety of subject luminosities. MORE

Continuous Variation

Science / Biology / Continuous Variation: Occurs when the phenotypes of traits controlled by a single gene cannot be sorted into two distinct phenotypic classes, but rather fall into a series of overlapping classes. MORE