Business / Finance / Controller: A foreign corporation whose voting stock is more than 50% owned by U.S. stockholders, each of whom owns at least 10% of the voting power.

CD Controller

Technology / Home Audio / CD Controller: This is a device that can exist either incorporated into a car stereo receiver (head unit) or as a separate module. In either case in contains the operating controls necessary to use a CD player or ch MORE

Controller Card

Technology / Computers / Controller Card: A card or adapter containing the controlling electronics for one or more devices like hard disks, typically placed in an expansion slot. MORE

Base Station Controller (BSC)

Technology / Cell Phones / Base Station Controller (BSC): The part of the wireless system's infrastructure that controls one or multiple cell sites' radio signals, thus reducing the load on the switch. Performs radio signal management functions for base tran MORE

Force feedback

Entertainment / Video Games / Force feedback: True force feedback is when a controller is engineered to provide powered resistance against the motions made by the player. For example, a steering wheel that simulates the feel of the road by resist MORE

Analog stick

Entertainment / Video Games / Analog stick: Sometimes called a 'thumbstick,' an 'analog stick' is an input device for a video game controller, and allows for precise control of on-screen action that is directly related to the degree to which th MORE

Button mashing

Entertainment / Video Games / Button mashing: This is the act of randomly hitting buttons on a game controller without knowing the correct actions to make. The term is most commonly associated with fighting games that require precise button combi MORE