Coupon Bond

Business / Finance / Coupon Bond: The periodic interest payment made to the bondholders during the life of the bond.

Other Words for Bond

Bond Verb Synonyms: cement, bind, hold together, stick, cohere
Bond Noun Synonyms: tie(s), shackles, chains, fetters, manacles, handcuffs, trammels, thongs, cord(s), rope(s), restraint(s), constraint(s), check(s), control(s), rein(s)

Coupon Rate

Business / Finance / Coupon Rate: A bond's interest payments. MORE

Baccalaureate Bond

Business / Taxes / Baccalaureate Bond: Baccalaureate bonds are tax-free zero coupon bonds issued by certain states specifically to help families accumulate assets to meet college tuition costs. The bonds are usually sold in small denominat MORE

Low-Coupon Bond Refunding

Business / Finance / Low-Coupon Bond Refunding: Refunding of a low-coupon bond with a new, higher-coupon bond. MORE

Brady Bond

Business / Taxes / Brady Bond: These bonds of Latin American countries, named for former US Secretary of the Treasury Nicholas Brady, are issued in US dollars and backed by US Treasury zero coupon bonds. The bonds were originally i MORE

High-Grade Bond

Business / Finance / High-Grade Bond: Replace a high-coupon bond with a new, lower-coupon bond. MORE

Pure Discount Bond

Business / Finance / Pure Discount Bond: A bond that will make only one payment of principal and interest. Also called a zero-coupon bond or a single-payment bond. MORE