Covered Or Hedge Option Strategies

Business / Finance / Covered Or Hedge Option Strategies: Option position that is offset by an equal and opposite position in the underlying security. Antithesis of naked option.

Other Words for Option

Option Adjective Synonyms: choice, privilege, election, opportunity, chance
Option Noun Synonyms: choice, selection, alternative, recourse, opportunity, way out

Covered Interest Arbitrage

Business / Finance / Covered Interest Arbitrage: A strategy that involves writing a call option on securities that the investor owns. See: Covered or hedge option strategies. MORE


Life Style / Tea / Orthodox: prepared using a technique which leads to larger leaf styles mirroring hand-produced teas. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Orthodontics: A specialized branch of dentistry that corrects malocclusion and restores the teeth to proper alignment and function. There are several different types of appliances used in orthodontics, one of which MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Orthoepy: In linguistics, the study of pronunciation as it relates to spelling. A linguist who specializes in this area is an orthoepist. MORE

Orthopedic Massage

Health / Massage / Orthopedic Massage: Combining some elements of sports and medical massage, orthopedic massage integrates ten modalities to treat soft-tissue pain and injury. Emphasis is placed on understanding both the injury and its re MORE


Health / First Aid / Orthopedics: The branch of medicine dealing with bones and the skeleton. MORE