Covered Writer

Business / Finance / Covered Writer: A put option position in which the option writer also is short the corresponding stock or has deposited, in a cash account, cash or cash equivalents equal to the exercise of the option. This limits the option writer's risk because money or stock is already set aside. In the event that the holder of the put option decides to exercise the option, the writer's risk is more limited than it would be on an uncovered or naked put option.

Other Words for Writer

Writer Verb Synonyms: author, novelist, littérateur, essayist, man of letters, scribe, scribbler, wordsmith, freelancer, penny-a-liner, hack, Grub Streeter, journalist, newsman, reporter, correspondent, member of the fourth estate, (gossip) columnist, stringer, paragraphi

UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

Business / Construction / UL (Underwriters Laboratories): An independent testing agency that checks electrical devices and other components for possible safety hazards. MORE

Recovered Or Removed Category

Health / Disease / Recovered Or Removed Category: Individuals in the SIR model who were infected by the disease but are no longer infectious by virtue of their recovery and immunity or death. MORE

Ratio Writer

Business / Finance / Ratio Writer: An option writer who does not own the number of shares required to cover the call options he or she writes. MORE