Business / Finance / Cross: CREST is CrestCo's real-time settlement system for U.K. and Irish shares and other corporate securities. CrestCo has provided settlement systems for government bonds and money market instruments in the U.K. since 1990.

Other Words for Cross

Cross Adjective Synonyms: crucifix, rood
Cross Verb Synonyms: meet, intersect, join
Cross Noun Synonyms: hybrid, cross-breed, mongrel, blend, combination


Life Style / Wine / Crossing: A crossing is the result of breeding two Vitis vinifera plants. This is distinct from a hybrid which involves using American vines. MORE

Crossing With A Player

Entertainment / Bowling / Crossing With A Player: Refers to competition in which you move lanes after a game or games and the persons that move with you are said to cross with you. MORE

Cross Dressing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Cross Dressing : To occasionally wear clothes traditionally associated with people of the other sex . Cross-dressers are usually comfortable with the sex they were assigned at birth and do not wish to change it. MORE

O.K. To Cross

Business / Finance / O.K. To Cross: Used for listed equity securities. 'Legal to cross the buy and sell orders on the exchange floor because transactor is not a principal in the transaction.' MORE

Crossover Rate

Business / Finance / Crossover Rate: The holding by one corporation of shares in another firm. One needs to allow for cross-holdings when aggregating capitalizations of firms. Ignoring cross-holdings leads to double-counting. MORE

Cross Talk

Technology / Home Audio / Cross Talk: 1. Undesired capacitive, inductive, or conductive coupling from one circuit, part of a circuit, or channel, to another. 2. Any phenomenon by which a signal transmitted on one circuit or channel of a t MORE